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Nickel Clad Steel tube Plate

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Base metal Carbon Steel SA-516-Gr 70/60, 16Mn/Q235R/Q345R/20G/20R
Clad metal N4-7, N02201/02200/04400/08800/08810/08825, HASTELLOY, Inconel, Monel
Standard Nickel clad/bonded plate/ tube sheets meet ASTM A265, NBT 47002.3
Shape Plate,square,retangle,rod or others customized
Certificate ISO9001, Mill Test Report, Certificate 3.1, EN, Ultrasonic Certificate
Bonding Rate 100%


In the design of Nickel-steel clad plate container, nickel has excellent corrosion resistance in high concentration alkali and reducing medium, which is incomparable with other metal materials. With the rapid development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the excellent corrosion resistance of nickel materials, and the application scope is also expanding day by day. However, due to the high proportion and price of nickel, the is often used as the liner or bimetal cladding of the vessel.


Nickel Clad Steel tube sheets is suitable for Used for condensers and heat exchangers under high temperature and high pressure, oil and gas storage tanks, food, central air conditioning, reactor columns, ships, power stations, petrochemicals, medical equipment, etc.

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