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High Temperature Industrial Air to Tubular Heat Exchanger Weld Material

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High Temperature Industrial Air to Tubular Heat Exchanger Weld Material

Customized: Customized
Certification: ISO
Performance: PressureResistant TemperatureResistant CorrosionResistant
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
BimetalMaterial: Titanium + Steel;Ss + Steel;Copper + Steel;etc.
CladdingMetalThickness: 0.5~50mm
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titanium clad steel plate / Titanium steel composite panels

Product Details

Explosive Bonding Technology

Metal dynamic cladding technology uses high energy from explosive detonation to produce a metallurgical weld between metal plates. It can produce high voltage pulse energy, pushing cladder collide with backer at a specific velocity and impact angle. That process produces much bigger stress than the yield strength of metal material. All these happen at instantaneous moment and simultaneously infinitesimal adjacent area of collision point of limited loading stress of materials, realizing wavelike metallurgical weld of two materials.

Advantages of Explosive Cladding Metals

Explosive bonding is free from materials shape, thickness and areas. It is metallurgicaljoint for dissimilar metals.

1. Excellent Chemical Properties
2. Outstanding Physical Properties
3. Enhanced Mechanical Properties
4. Wide Range of Material Combinations
5. Cost Reduction for Customers

Titanium Clad Steel

With excellent corrosion resistance, titanium is widely used for kinds of chemical reactors, heat exchanger parts; however, it costs too much. A good way to solve this problem is using titanium cladding plate (titanium-steel explosive clad metals) substituting for titanium plates. This kind of clad metals combining all the characteristics of good corrosion resistance of titanium plate, with good strength of steel, can meet the requirements of structure as well as reducing the cost. For example, if we make urea synthesis tower, vacuum salt evaporator andpolyester reaction kettlewith titanium cladding plate, the cost will reduce around 30-40%. titanium cladding plate is widely used in soda manufacturing. In recent years, there’s a new application for titanium cladding plate , which is, used for corrosion resistance materials of steel structures in marine civil projects. Not only because of its low cost, but also the requirements of installation and welding, titanium cladding plate is the best choice.

Product Parameters
Clad Metal
Base Metal


Cladding plate

TA1, TA2,

TA9, TA10

Q235, Q245R


NB/T47002.3-2009ASME, ASTM
petrochemical, vacuum salt making, Chlor-alkali, food, fertilizer, hydrometallurgy, electroplate and etc.
High Temperature Industrial Air to Tubular Heat Exchang Weld Material
Petrochemical Industry

Titanium steel bimetal sheetis widely used for tanks, towers, heat exchangers, pipes, etc. in the field of petrochemical industry, that because of its good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and improving their lifetime of equipments.

Thermal Power Plant

Desulfurization SO2 projects in heat-engine plants, titanium-steel clad plates will be the first choice of materials; every heat-engine plant, especially the big one, needs 300-700 tons of titanium-steel clad plates.


Welding titanium-steel clad tubes board connecting with titanium pipes to make heat exchanger, there is unmatched in advantages compared with the heat exchanger made by traditional welding method.

Pressure Vessels

Titanium clad metals can reduce cost of equipments exponentially as well as avoiding many defects. Equipments made by titanium-steel plates can resist corrosion well since its internal titanium layer, and also have strong strength since its outer steel layer. Two layers are bonded, have good heat conductivity, overcoming the thermal stress, heat fatigue resistance, etc. which makes it can work under more poor conditions.

Marine and Ocean Devices

Titanium clad metals can make steel structures of marine civil projects, and ocean platform since its good corrosion resistance. Not only because of its low cost, but also the requirements of installation, and welding, titanium-steel clad metals, titanium-copper clad metals are necessary to meet properties.

Salt Plants

With good corrosion resistance, and high temperature performance, titanium alloy, hastelloy alloy, monel alloy, and stainless steel clad metals can make crucibles, storage tanks, filtering equipments, etc.Some salt plants need large amount of titanium steel bimetal sheet

Container Making

The thickness of titanium-steel clad metals making pressure vessels, boilers, nuclear reactors, storage tanks, etc. is more than 8mm.

Corrosion Resistance

In order to resist corrosion and reduce cost,people will prefer to choose stainless steel clad plates,nickel alloy clad plates,and titanium steel bimetal sheet.

City Sewage Treatment

Titanium-steel clad plates can make the devices treating sewage.

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High Temperature Industrial Air to Tubular Heat Exchang Weld Material


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