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Explosion Welding Titanium Copper Bimetal Connector

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Explosion Welding Titanium Copper Bimetal Connector

Phohom Explosion Welding Titanium Copper Bimetal Connector, Realize the metallurgical bonding of non-weldable dissimilar metals, good sealing, can greatly reduce liquid and gas leakage accidents, ensure environmental and production safety, interface bonding rate can reach 100%, and good corrosion resistance.

  • Brand: PHOHOM or customized
  • Bonding Processing: Explosion Weld
  • Base Metal: Copper, Steel or Custom-Made
  • Certification: CE, ISO, RoHS, UL
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Products details:

Materials Base Metal: T/B/H/Q, copper and copper alloy
Clad Metal TA1/TA2/TA9/TA10, titanium or titanium alloy
Product Standard Upon ISO, ASTM, ASME, JIS, NB, JB
Certificate ISO, SGS
Bonding Rate 100%

The bimetallic transition joints are metallurgical bonded dissimilar metal couplings. They are used to provide an all welded transition from one metal to another.PHOHOM has developed four kinds of tubular transition joints for manufacturers of heat exchangers. They are used to connect tube and container or other part of heat exchangers.

Product Model Materials
HEJ200 Aluminium- Copper
HEJ300 Copper- Stainless steel
HEJ400 Titanium- Copper
HEJ500 Titanium- Steel/Stainless steel

Explosive welding Titanium and Stainless Steel Bimetallic Components manufacturer for china


Used in oil and gas, heat exchanger, seawater desalination, refrigeration, chemical industry, air separation, nuclear energy, semiconductor industry and other fields.


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