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Copper Steel Dynamic Composite Material

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Copper Steel Dynamic Composite Material

Type: CopperCladPlate
Standard: ASTM GB JIS EN
Grade: 300Series
Certification: ISO GB EN
Shape: Flat
Technique: ExplosiveBonding/Welding
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Product Principles

Copper Steel Dynamic Composite Material

Explosive Bonding

Metal dynamic cladding technology uses high energy from explosive detonation to produce ametallurgical weld between metal plates. It can produce high voltage pulse energy, pushing cladder collide with backer at aspecific velocity and impact angle. That process produces much bigger stress than the yield strength of metal material. All these happen at instantaneous moment and simultaneously infinitesimal adjacent area of collision point of limited loading stress of materials, realizing wavelike metallurgical weld of two materials.
Copper Steel Dynamic Composite Material


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