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Copper clad Aluminum hanger bar

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Copper clad Aluminum hanger bar

When cladding one layer of copper in the aluminum, the clad conduct material can improve Aluminium’s contact resistance; Enhance the welding performance of the aluminum and anti-corrosion of copper and aluminum contact surface. All these decreased the cost and lowered the weight.

  • Brand: PHOHOM or customized
  • Bonding Processing: Explosion Weld
  • Certification: CE, ISO, RoHS, UL
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Products details:

Copper Standard 102 OFC (Alternatively 110 ETP or 101 OFHC)or tailored
Alumium Al1050 (Alternatively Al100) or tailored
Standard Upon ISO, ASTM, ASME, JIS, NB, JB
Bonding Rate 100%

Copper and Aluminim have good electricity and heat conduction performance. They are the basic material for power transmission and heat transfer engineering. With the shortage of copper resource, using aluminium to save copper and replace copper is a inexorable trend.

Compared with copper, the welding performance of aluminum is worse and its surface contact resistance is bigger. So it is difficult to use aluminum to replace copper in some components. Many important components like heat sink, tube solar and transition plate in heat exchanger manufacturing, power transmission and electrical appliances are made by copper and aluminum clad material.


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