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Clad Material for Electric Conduction

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Clad Material for Electric Conduction

Type: CopperSheets
Application: IronMines
Material: RedCopper
Shape: Plate
Alloy: Non-alloy
Color: Purple
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BrandName PHOHOM, or stick with customers label
Materials BaseMetal:Copper or custom-made

CladMetal:Al, Ti, or custom-made

Processing Explosive welding technology
Size Maximumwidth:2000mm

Maximumlength: 6000mm

Thickness: 3-140mm



Product Standard GB13328-91, JIS G3604-92
Certificate materials certificates, clad plate quality certificate, UT testing report, or other customers’ requirements.

TECHNOLOGY—Explosive Bonding:


Widerangeof metals combinations;






ExcellentChemicalProperties ;

Outstandingphysicalproperties ;

EnhancedmechanicalProperties ;




Clad Material for Electric Conduction


Owning World-leading Explosive Welding Technology:

→Core R&D team dedicated to the R&D of military and nuclear dynamic clad technology for almost 30 years;
→Strategically cooperates with National University of Defence Technology, Central South University, South China Univerty of Technology;
→Internationally cooperates with E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, which attended ITER international thermonuclear fusion project;

Explosive Welding Technical Advantage:

→no limits of materials shape, thickness and area;
→metallurgical bonding with high strength;
→high performance of machining process;
→improving the materials performance after bonding;
→realizing multilayer materials clad;

Clad Material for Electric Conduction

Clad Material for Electric Conduction

Main products list:

Core Products Main Materials Main Applied Areas
Clad Flat Plates Stainless Steel-Steel,Monel-Steel,Nickel-Steel,
Titanium-Steel, CuNi-Steel;
Pressure Vessels, Boilders, Heat Exchangers
Structure Transition Joints Aluminum-Steel Shipbuilding
Cathode Insert Aluminum-Titanium-Stainless Steel Aluminum Smelter
Clad Induction Plates Copper-Steel Metals Smelting, Iron Mines
Wear-Resistance Clad Plates;
Machine Slide Way and Wear Parts
High Strength Steel-Steel Heavy Machinery
Self-lubricating Clad Plates Copper-Steel Heavy Machinery
Multilayer Metal Composite Pans Stainless Steel-Titanium,Stainless Steel-Copper,
Stanless Steel-Aluminum-Stainless Steel
Cookware, Industrial Kitchen
Lead Clad Aluminum Plates Lead-Aluminum-Steel Medical and Nuclear industry

Clad Material for Electric Conduction

Clad Material for Electric Conduction

Exported Countries:

Nearly 20 countries including USA, Canada, German, Espain, UK, Romania, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Australia, Indonesia,
Brazil, Venezuela and others.


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