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Bimetallic Cryogenic Transition Joints

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Bimetallic Cryogenic Transition Joints

Application: Boat
Customized: Customized
SurfaceTreatment: Polished
Material: AluminumSteel
Type: TransitionJoints
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Dissimilar metal connecting (joint) series (dissimilar metals transition joint, dissimilar metals connector, dissimilar metals transition plate or tube sheet/tubesheet)

BV/CCS/ISO/Lr Bimetallic Transition Joints for Shipbuilding Manufacturer

Marine Transition Joints
Pointed Metal Nr. is available.

Aluminum/Steel cladding metal;
Aluminum alloy/Pure aluminum/steel cladding metal;
Different shape customized, as well as the size.

Technical data

SJ100 SJ101 SJ200
Interface bonding rate 100% 100% 100%
Tensile strengh >85MPa >110MPa >210MPa
Shear strengh >65MPa >85MPa >137MPa
Max. Temperature 315ºCx30min. 400ºCx30min. 500ºCx30min.

Whatever dissimilar metals there are, we can clad it for you with explosive welding technology.

We are always open to discuss, research, develop as per customer’s specification.

Explosion welding can manufacture dissimilar metals lapping, butting, and mitering plate joint, pipe joint and bar joint. These joints can also be processed by clad plate, clad tube and clad bar. This kind of transition joint, in essence, changes different metal welding into same metal welding. The way provides agreat solution for the challengeable dissimilar metal jointing. For example, zirconium-2-stainless steel pipe joint connecting same tube material at each end by conventional welding process. Inner zirconium exerts excellent nuclear performance in reactor meanwhile the relatively low cost of stainless steel is used on the other side of tube. It has the similar usage for zirconium-niobium-stainless steel clad transition joint, inconel-stainless steel transition joint, cooper-aluminum transition joint used in refrigerator, titanium-stainless steel transition joint in spacecraft, aluminum-steel in modern manufacture and ship building industry, titanium-cooper, titanium-aluminum, titanium-stainless steel, cooper-steel, aluminum-steel and aluminum clad conducting plate joints, tube joints and bar joints.

Aluminum-titanium-stainless steel transition joint is widely used in the connecting giant cold mill parts and pipe conveying liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen. Dissimilar metal clad plate joint, metal clad tube transition joint, metal clad bar transition joint, also shows outstanding technical and economic values. Dissimilar metal clad transition joint not only solves weld problem of dissimilar metals, but also saves much precious material and reduces the cost. There is no doubt that, this explosive weld exploits vast metal clad material when transition joint connects different metals. It opens up aboard road to manufacture bimetal and multi metal transition joints.

About Phohom

PhohomCompositeMaterialsCo.,Ltd.isahigh-tech companyfocusingonR&D, production, salesandtechnicalservicesofexplosivewelding cladmetals with world leading technology and independent Intellectual propertyrights.We have annual
outputcapacityof10,000tonsofcladmetals. We obtainedISO9001 certificate and CCS, are applying for BV certificate recently. Besides, we ownthe manufacturing License and capacityofI&IIclasspressureandA-classboiler. Our Registered capital isRMB30 million.
Headquartersislocatedinhigh-tech zone of Changsha, Hunan, China. Operatingcenter,R&Dcenter,marketingcenterandequipmentmanufacturingbasearesetupinChangsha;testingcenterandexplosion & processing baseinHengyang; officesinShanghaiand Shenzhen. Products were exported to over 20 countries in the world.

Owns Independent Intellectual Property Rights
Holds Core Science&Technology

Phohom owns world-leading technology and independent intellectual property rights, hold core technologies, applied over patents (of which, more than 50 invention patents). Company’s core technical team have been providing products and services for the industries of nuclear projects, high energy physics, aerospace, military equipment, power & electronics, chemical equipment, salt & soda production, extractive metallurgy and so on. Product’s quality is higher than requirements of national standards.

Owns World-leading Technology; Works with Top-class Institutions;

1.Core R&D team dedicated to the R&D of military and nuclear dynamic clad technology for almost 30 years;
2.Successfully achieved dynamic clad for over 300 dissimilar metals;
3.Underwater and vacuum dynamic clad technology is in the world-leading level and the only one in nation;
4.Leading to realize the materials cladding with low melting, high brittleness and hardness, multilayer and ultra-thin metals ;
5.Strategically cooperates with National University of Defence Technology, Central South University, South China Univerty of Technology;
6.Internationally cooperates with E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute(attended ITER international thermonuclear fusion project);

Our Products
BV/CCS/ISO/Lr Bimetallic Transition Joints for Shipbuilding Manufacturer

BV/CCS/ISO/Lr Bimetallic Transition Joints for Shipbuilding Manufacturer

Testing & Certification

BV/CCS/ISO/Lr Bimetallic Transition Joints for Shipbuilding Manufacturer

BV/CCS/ISO/Lr Bimetallic Transition Joints for Shipbuilding Manufacturer


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