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Bimetallic Titanium Clad Steel Pipe

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Bimetallic Titanium Clad Steel Pipe

Phohom Explosive welding Bimetallic titanium clad steel pipe It’s a new type of wear- resistant and corrosion-resistant pipe. Especially, its excellent wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance and high pressure resistance make bimetal clad steel pipe can be used under any pressure class. Inside layer and outer layer bonded very well by explosive welding, metallurgical bonding interlay ensures reliability.

  • Brand: PHOHOM or customized
  • Bonding Processing: Explosion Weld
  • Base Metal: Copper, Steel or Custom-Made
  • Certification: CE, ISO, RoHS, UL
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Products details:

Materials Base Metal: Q235B, SA516 Gr.60, SA516 Gr.70(NK), P295GH, P355QH, etc.
Clad Metal TA1, TA2, SB-265 Gr. 1/Gr. 2/ Gr.7, etc.
Product Standard Upon ISO, ASTM,ASME,JIS,NB,JB
Processing Explosion Weld Clad
Other Processing CNC Drilled, Chamfer, Grooved etc
OD ??20-??2000mm
Certificate ISO, SGS
Wall Thickness clad metal from 0.1 to 100 mm,
Base metal from 0.2 to 500 mm
Bonding Rate 100%
Length 3,000-12,000mm

Bimetallic titanium clad steel pipe is a plate made of a common grade TA1 or TA2 (multilayer metal) and carbon steel or alloy steel by explosive welding, explosive welding + rolling or hot rolling. Titanium is a new type of metal with many properties such as low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and high and low temperature performance. It is an important structural material for aerospace, aviation, marine, chemical, power and metallurgical sectors. Titanium clad steel plate can save titanium resources and reduce costs, and are widely used in industry.

Explosive welding Bimetallic titanium clad steel pipe manufacturer for chinaExplosive welding Bimetallic titanium clad steel pipe manufacturer for china


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