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Bi-metal busbar of nickel and copper

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Bi-metal busbar of nickel and copper

Bi-metal busbar of nickel and copper adopts a combination of copper and nickel, using copper to carry current and nickel to weld the battery, which perfectly solves the connection problem between high-current battery packs.

  • Brand: PHOHOM or customized
  • Bonding Processing: Explosion Weld
  • Certification: CE, ISO, RoHS, UL
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Products details:

Base metal Tailored
Clad metal Tailored
Standard Upon ISO, ASTM, ASME, JIS, NB, JB
Bonding Rate 100%

Explosion cladding technologycan achieve metallurgic bonding between dissimilar metals which combined the advantages of each metal, here in the busbar, copper can perfecty conduct electricity battery pack.The bonding between copper and nickel canreach 100%and noseparation evenunder high temperature or corrosion environment,meanwhile it improves conductivity and weldingperformance when connects to battery.

Main advantages

  • Perfect bonding interface and more stable performance
  • Multipledissimilar metalic bonding and grouping


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