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Aluminum to Steel Transition Joint

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Aluminum to Steel Transition Joint



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Marine Grade E.G. Aluminum 5083 Alloy+ Aluminum+ Steel (Astm A516 Gr,55) Or Customized Materials


Join Aluminum Superstructures To Steel Decks.

Join Aluminum Decks (Or Even Bulkheads) To Steel Hulls

Fit Shelter Decks To Steel Fishing Boats.

Retrofit “Containers” Of Electronic Equipment To Steel Decks
Of Warships During Refits.

Add Additional Accommodation To Existing Vessels.

Fit Any Other Components, Such As Pillars, Partitions, Etc.,
Where A Permanent Joint Is Required Between Steel Or Stainless
Steel And Aluminum

Fit Steel Component To Aluminum Hulls (Engine Mounts In High
Speed Catamarans, Davits, Etc)

Repair Or Strengthen Corroded Mechanical-Gasket Joints On Ships Where Transition Joints Were
Not Originally Specified (Even To Make This Watertight By Welding
Over The Joint Face).

Provide A Wear Resistant Keel On Beach Launched Aluminum Vessels.

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