The Hydropower Generation

Demands for composite plates in hydropower generation began on the agenda in a surprising number. Each large-scale hydroelectric power plant takes about 200 tons of clad steel mainly used for silos, hoppers, chutes, dehydration and other parts.

Nickel martensitic stainless steel and composite steel

In hydropower industries, the liners for sand flushing and stream diversion bottom hole, steel-lined corridors, gate and lock, made of stainless steel composite materials for high wear resistance, impact resistance and adequate corrosion resistance.

Steel gates supporting rail

Steel material resist external forces with high strength , toughness and plasticity are selected as base material , and material with high hardness and good resilience are chosen as working face. The metal explosion clad plate is provided with the abrasion resistance save the amount of copper, reduce production costs, and wear parts is integral with better toughness and ductility.

Thermal Power Generation

For refining crude oil with high-sulfur, high-salt, and high acidity, the main refining equipment such as, atmospheric and vacuum distillation tower, absorption tower, fractionating tower, stable tower, be made of stainless clad steel plates instead of conventional steel to ensure necessary life. In addition, with the exploitation of oil, natural gas, it began to use stainless steel composite pipe as oil and gas pipelines.


Flue gas wet desulfurization causes to corrosion for the chimneys. Titanium clad steel plate made inner cylinder is one of the most effective method to prevent corrosion. Add a steel alloy or titanium layer on the inside plate by explosive welding with metallurgical bonding, can anti-corrosion effectively while saving cost.


Modern condensers are designed with using of different metal alloys. They need to be bond in reliable way. The best choice is to use explosion welding technology that allows to get transition pieces made of dissimilar metal alloys. Phohom has developed four kinds of tubular transition joints for manufacture of condensers. They are used to connect tube and container or other part of condensers.

HE-Joint 200 Aluminum – Copper
HE-Joint 300 Copper – Stainless Steel
HE-Joint 400 Titanium – Copper
>HE-Joint 500 Titanium – Stainless Steel

Through the explosive bonding technology, metallurgical composite the corrosion-resistance titanium plate with steel plate to against external forces . So the pipe plate both have the matrix material strength, materials saving and more environmentally friendly.

The main types of Tube sheets
Titanium Grade1/2
Hastelloy C276
Ss 304/316/304L/316L,
Zirconium clad Carbon steel/16Mn plates,

Coal machine, coal duct

Coal handling machine, coal pipes, transport trough, mill linings, fan blades and other equipment and spare parts, in the harsh operating environment of coal field, require corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance . The wear-resistant alloy steel metallurgical complex with another steel, which can provide strength, ductility and resistance to significant mechanical loadings can improve the overall performance in economically reasonable and environmentally friendly ways.

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