Structural transition joints for the marine industry

In modern shipbuilding,especially high-speed ship construction, often use aluminum structures with a lower density to reduce the weight and increase ship speed. Considering the strength, carrying capacity, cost and durability , the main hull structure is usually made of steel, and aluminum only used in superstructure to reduce weight and lower center of gravity , to improve the performance of the hull. Therefore, the reliable bonding between aluminum alloy parts and steel parts is a very important matter.

Lightweight and high rigidity materials, like aluminum alloy, are widely used to build the superstructure of ships, rail vehicles and heavy trucks. Phohom’s Structure Transition Joints are commonly used to make a welded and maintenance free connection between alloyed aluminum components and steel structures in the shipbuilding, railway and automotive industry.

The major shortcomings of rivets and bolts are that they require holes to be drilled, need special insulators and require regular assembly inspection. Any removal of material, such as drilling holes, also weakens the metal. Phohom’s Aluminum Clad Steel Structure Transition Joints are an indisputably better option because they eliminate crevices and have shown to limit crevice corrosion. Transition joints require no extra hardware, which allows engineers to stream-line their designs and shave off extra weight.

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